Executive Chair: Christopher Lo
Chris is a third year MSE major concentrating in Structural and Functional Materials. He joined Material Advantage in 2013 and currently serves as the Chair. Chris works closely with other officer members to coordinate chapter events and networks with industry partners. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, SCUBA diving, and pen making.

Executive Vice-Chair: Chris Hauser
Chris is a Masters student studying MSE who has interned at UTC aerospace and Alcoa. He currently does research in the fracture mechanics and structure property relationships in aluminum 7050 alloy. He is interested in metals and composites for use in high tech aerospace applications.

Treasurer: Robert Kiblinger
Robert is a 5th year undergrad from Marietta, GA who enjoys building things and challenging people to pursue their full potential. He served as Chair last year and has had a plethora of great experiences with Georgia Tech Material Advantage that added value to his college experience.

Secretary: Taylor Armstead
Taylor is a 5th year Materials Science and Engineering Major with a concentration in structural and functional materials planning to graduate in May of 2016. In the duration of her time at Georgia Tech, she has been involved with materials advantage (serving as secretary this year), women’s rugby (serving as president for going on 3 years), president’s council, and society of women engineers. She has also been a Team Leader for the MSE-specific GT 1000 freshman seminar. She spent a year researching in the Civil Engineering Department with Dr. Chloe Arson, studying salt rock behavior for geological storage facilities, which lead to an internship at Ecole Des Nationale Des Ponts et Chaussees just outside of Paris, France. In her free time she enjoy working out, distance running, reading, and cooking.

Industry Program Chair: Keshav Swarup
Keshav is a 2nd year MSE major at Georgia Tech. He was born in New Jersey and grew up in Singapore. He loves soccer, stocks, and house music. He loves travelling and has intern experiences in Boulder CO, Singapore and the Netherlands. As GTMA’s industry program chair, Keshav hopes to connect students with companies and vice-versa to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about the supply/demand for materials experts in various fields.

Research Program Chair: Colin Holmes

MA-kers Chair: Randy Cheng

Recruiting Chair: Bhupender “Vick” Singh


Webmaster: Yu Yun “Nina” Su
Nina is a third year student at Georgia Tech majoring in Material Science and Engineering, she enjoys doing outdoor activities and traveling. Shealso had the opportunity to due an internship with Catcher Technology in Suzhou, China for the 2014 Summer semester

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Preet Singh
Staff Advisor: Sarah Johnson
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